The Cartman Dojo is located in the posh Koramangala suburb in the South of Bangalore. Koramangala is known for its vibrant food culture and its immense tribute to the garden city of Bangalore. The lanes and bylanes are canopied with large trees throughout the length and breadth of the area. The Cartman Dojo is located in one of the most peaceful spots of Koramangala, just adjacent The Koramangala Club.

The Cartman Dojo is a space in the Cartman Park maintained by the Cartman Society (NGO) of Bangalore. This park caters to multiple services for the public.

– a place for the residents to relax, unwind, have a jog or a morning walk;
– a place for abandoned and street animals in its pet shelters which is now the abode for several dogs, cats and other animals and birds, it also has a veterinary clinic;
– and finally, a place for pushing the boundaries of the human spirit and courage – the centre for Kyokushin Karate!

With all these inducing its own energies into one another, the Kyokushin centre gathers a lot from these surroundings in mind, body and soul.

Following is a series of images which take you through the different sections of the Cartman Park and the Cartman Dojo.

In order to learn how to fight, you need to fight.