Martial arts is not merely a training regime, it is a lifestyle. We are now bringing this lifestyle to your doorstep.


All of the martial arts since ancient times is an age old knowledge practiced and performed at temples, scholarly establishments and monasteries. But today the world has changed and so have our leisures. At the cost of late-hours work life, busy schedules, intense school timings and more importantly -the unavoidable traffic, people are losing out on important aspects of enhancing their lifestyle.


Homemakers, children, professionals and even the elderly are all tied down to their homes, busy schedules in their work places (or schools) while obsessively hanging out at shopping malls as a leisure activity. This lifestyle is heavily stressed out and there is almost no allotment of dedicated time. It is very difficult to allot time dedicated towards fitness, de-stressing and health checks. While most people love to spend time and relax at their homes why not do something constructive at the comfort of your own homes?


Recognizing this widespread problem, Kyokushin Bangalore (Raclo Dojo in Koramangala) is for the very first time introducing training sessions to be conducted at individual’s homes. As Kyokushin Bangalore has a long history of over 30 years, and numerous people of all ages have benefited from the dedicated training regime held at the main Dojo located in the suburbs of KoramangalaOur instructors are martial artists with years of experience, with combat experience in both national and international tournaments.  Sessions have been held all throughout the year while conducting various events to identify and encourage spirited and talented fighters. The dojo has specifically built this “At home” service upon receiving critical feedback from several people who admit to their inability to attend sessions regularly.

How and when?

M.A.A.H. sends instructors from the dojo (whom you can trust and rely upon, just like as in the dojo) are sent to the individual’s home upon his or her convenience and sessions are held. One of the foremost benefits which we observe in this is that training will be one-on-one with the individual for those who seek it. Sessions can be booked with the dojo at flexible timings as one desires any day of the week.

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