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Sosai Mas Oyama’s Views

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Sosai Mas Oyama’s Views

Karate is a science and philosophy of fighting which has developed all over the world where it is rapidly gaining recognition as one the world’s most effective means of self-defense. As a long-time practitioner of Kyokushin Karate, I am particularly gratified to observe its rise in popularity. I must confess that I am also a little surprised, because until a decade or so ago, I , like many other orientals, tacitly assumed that kyokushin karate was too closely tied to orient to be fully understood in other parts of the world. It is pleasing to find that I was mistaken.

Kyokushin karate is a way of life, the purpose of which is to enable men to realize their full potentialities: both physical and spiritual. If the spiritual side of kyokushin karate is ignored, its physical aspect is meaningless. It is largely to convey this idea that I have under taken because the practice of kyokushin karate enables a human being to concentrate tremendous physical strength in blow of the hand or foot.

Kyokushin karate can be dangerous, or even deadly. Many people are inclined to regard it as a distinctly war like sport or even as a technique that has no meaning other than in mortal combat. The deeper meaning of kyokushin karate will become evident. But at this point, I should like to refute the notion, once and for all, that kyokushin karate fosters the growth belligerence. After all, karate combat is a weaponless combat, and we have advanced considerably beyond the stage were nations go to war unarmed. In battle, kyokushin karate fighting is a poor substitute for a gun, or even a bow and arrow, let alone a nuclear weapon. The ultimate purpose of Kyokushin Karate is to develop the better features of human character rather than merely to strengthen human beings against physical enemies.