About Sensei Ravi

Sensei Raclo

Early life:
1965 was the year Sensei Ravi was born in the beautiful city of Bangalore. Being a bright kid with a good aptitude he completed his academics and set about looking for jobs. It so happened that destiny paved way for what happened to be his biggest life making decision he would have ever imagined. Learning about the secrets of martial arts and the way it fosters a human being into unimaginable potentials and mind control, got him to immediately start learning the art. In the third year of rigorous training and determination he graduated to the brown belt in Shotokan Karate.

Kyokushin inspires:
Eventually, while still pursuing at Shotokan, he came across the art form called Kyokushin Karate, which he found was quite different in terms of kicks, stances and blocks. There was something in Kyokushin which inspired Sensei Raclo to a second major decision in his career, in adopting this technique of the veteran master Sosai Masutatsu Oyama. He joined a dojo at Indiranagar (Bangalore) and he continued his journey in martial arts here, eventually reaching black belt 3rd dan.

Stepping Stones:
After reaching several milestones and crossing multiple hurdles, the day October 18th in the year 1994 was a turning point for the future of the Kyokushin  art form in Bangalore and in India.  It was on this day that the beginning of Kyokushin Centre at the Young Men Association happened. Under the instructorship of Sensei Ravi Carvalho, now more fondly known as Sensei Raclo among the Bangaloreans, the centre was later to become a hubbub of activity for Karate enthusiasts from near and far.

An inaugural ceremony was organized to mark the association, in which most of the senior students took part internally and although hardly about 4 to 5 students under him then, Sensei Ravi Carvalho started off with full determination to develop the dojo and reach out to like minded individuals willing to learn the art. Though there were several challenges it never seemed impossible for Raclo to achieve what he set out to do. Ups and downs were faced yet no stone was never left unturned in his noble venture. The air remained the same and none could change it.

Blood and sweat never went to waste:
It was a hard fight and a slow fight but Sensei Raclo pursued confidently and eventually his pain bore fruits. Today, Sensei Raclo boasts of having shared his skills with over 5,000 students who came to learn under him. He has enabled several of them to overcome their innerself with a new found power and spirit, all through the rigorous training schedules he prepares his students with.

Several tournaments and grading events were conducted to nurture the spirit from within. This happens even today. Students and fighters are encouraged to leave aside their shadows of doubt and penetrate towards the most elaborate form of self-defense and techniques that exists in the world. Sensei Ravi has received numerous accolades for spreading this art of truth in a city like Bangalore, and if God be, there is nothing to fear of and nothing to be stopped by.

In order to learn how to fight, you need to fight.