A Lifestyle for Staying Young


Resistance Training for fitness

A Lifestyle for Staying Young

There are six components to staying fit, You need to exercise your fast system, your muscle structure, your core; maintain flexibility through stretching; and eat healthy. At the same time you’ve got to think, act and feel like a young person.

The best measure of your Kyokushin karate Fitness is how quickly your heart recovers after vigorous training. The healthier your heart , the quicker it will recover after exercise.

Look in a mirror while undressed, Try to look honestly so you can see what you look like and not what you imagine yourself to look like.

Eat junk and all the exercise in the world will not save you from disease and lack of energy. Your belly sag and your cardio-vascular system wither. To stay young you have to do some sort of regular and stimulating kyokushin karate exercise.

And you probably should be doing it 3 to 5 time a week .resistance training such as weight training, a few time a week .Your upper body goes to hell after age 50 unless you stress the muscles. Eat whole grain, Legumes, non-fat daily product and lots of fruits and vegetables. It is probably the single most important thing that will extend your life and keep you young.

Intensity and Rest

‘ It’s better to run 5 km, a few time a week, rather than a mile every day’ Intensity and rest is probably the most important concept in fitness. The muscles you stress need a day to heal. If you are running, once a week include sprints. You can ‘ run telephone poles’ Try sprinting for 3 telephone poles and then jog easily for 3 or until you recover, Then sprint for another 3 telephone poles. Start by repeating this 5 times. Or you can include a steep hill in your runs once a week .Doing one minute sprints   as hard as you can and then resting for a minute and repeating this 5 times is vastly more effective at improving your cardio-vascular.

By Sensei Ravi Carvalho

Kyokushin Bangalore