A Life Style for Staying Young- Part-2

A Life Style for Staying Young- Part-2

Finding Your Body type

Scientists have divided all mankind into 3 body types, No matters how much you lift weights , diet or exercise, you can change your body type only so much.

There are many kinds of resistance training. You can use weights, exercise machine, springs, bending bows ,the object is to stress your muscles progressively . but there are limits to the range of exercises you can do only using your body weight .

I work out with weights twice a week, One day I work chest and arms, the other back and biceps, for my legs I do running and cycling, I have trouble finding a rest day for my body,

You should keep surprising the muscles by constantly changing   your routines. Weight training by Strength Training anatomy by delavier . Remembers, its best to keep varying your workouts so use my tips only as a starting point. Regardless of how many reps you do you’ll get the most benefit when you absolutely cannot push the weight up again. When they get to around 12 you’ll want to increase the weight . some studies show you get almost as much benefit doing one set to exhaustion though most serious weight lifters suggest doing several. Strength is developed using heavier weights and lower repetitions. The endurance of your muscles is best developed with lighter weights and higher reps.

The Magic of Thinking young

I Met with a new physician some years ago. He asked what sports I did and nodded favorably as I listed the biking, running, swimming and weight lifting. At the end of the conversation I mentioned I’d recently taken up kyokushin karate. He dismissed that with ”Oh. that’s only for your head.” I was disappointed because I enjoye3d the confident feeling from learning to fight while he might not have been impressed with the martial art way or strength building benefits of kyokushin karate. To be young you have to think young. I think doing this kind of youthful activity is what he meant by ” heroic. ”